'That thing' exposes the unseen reality of what it's like to have an invisibly disabled body, an uncensored performance of truthfulness and vulnerability. Another collaboration with dance artist Lucy Clark and experimental musician Phillip Kinshuck transforming conventional theatre into something that can only be imagined in order to speculate that the perceived impossible may be someone else's reality.  
'That thing' conveys the truth behind chronic illness, it speaks the unspoken thoughts, and manifests the intangible, with the hope that this honesty will bring greater awareness to those living with hidden disabilities. 
This piece was commissioned by Pegasus Theatre and Dancin' Oxford for Moving with the Times Festival 2023 and was also performed at 'Resolution' Festival 2023 at The Place and 'SPRINT' Festival 2024 at Camden People's Theatre.
The current running time of 'That thing' is 20 minutes.
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