The print exhibition, (wander)scapes, explores the intersection of technology and art through the lens of digital landscapes. In particular, it delves into the potential for information loss and detachment from physical reality that arises from the creation of these artificial landscapes.
Through the digital prints series ‘REM’ and ‘data loss’, this exhibition showcases the beauty of digital landscapes while also highlighting their deceptive nature. Alongside the digital prints displayed within The Bohemians exhibition space, the engaging window installation offers a unique perspective on the digital landscapes presented. The display allows visitors to explore the intricacies of these artificial environments on a larger scale by peeping through clear glass. This invites viewers to consider the potential loss of information that can occur during the process of creating and manipulating digital landscapes. Also encouraging visitors to reflect on the impact of digital technology on our understanding and perception of the natural world.
(wander)scapes was first exhibited at The Bohemians, London, 2023. 

Attribution: Some of the text was authored by ChatGPT
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